Saturday, May 16, 2009

holy crap.....

it's been forever since i've blogged... shame on me. i didn't realize how much i missed blogging until i signed in and re-read my old posts.

well, blogging world, i'm back. officially. starting on monday.

Monday, May 12, 2008

opinions needed, please

ok, since flickr is having problems, i'll load these pics here and ask for opinions... i'm doing a booth at the blue dome festival this year, and i was trying to think of an interesting way to display the pillowcase dresses and aprons i make.... so i found one of our hammocks and strung it up, but i don't really know how it looks. i likey, but maybe it doesn't really work. please take into consideration that this is in my back yard right now, and i don't have anything else in like the yarns and such, but tell me what you think. good idea, bad idea, and if good, would putting the other hammock on the other side of the tent be overkill?

Monday, April 21, 2008

a breakthrough in molly's recovery!!

first things first, a kiss for you from my bunny dingus :

yeah, it's been a week since i've blogged. i've been busy. very busy. i'm on an sewing kick right now, don't have any idea why, but there it is. in the last week, i've made 15 aprons, 6 pillowcase dresses, and 1 hippie twirly skirt. and a bunch of other stuff. getting ready for the blue dome festival is hard work!! luckily i haven't been out serving people, but i'll be doing that later in the week.

anyway! news of molly!!!

she's the french angora rabbit i have: she's a rescue, and i've had her almost a year. we really don't know much about her, except that she came from a
home with small children. when we got her, she couldn't
stand to be touched, and if you put your hand in her hutch
to feed her, she would lunge and try to bite you. on the rare
occasions that you "had " to touch her, she shook and
trembled the whole time making this little rabbit squeak
that let's you know they're scared.
it was really sad that she didn't realize that nobody
here was going to hurt her.

so this past week, as i've been feeding her, she's been
getting closer and closer to my hand every day. and then yesterday, she put herself between the food dish and the cup of food. i pet her. just for a second. she made her squeaky noise, but didn't move away. today, she actually
laid down in front of my hand, and let herself be pet on the head for about a minute. pauly got to see it and took the picture for me. if i didn't have a picture, i might not believe that it really happened. she's such a sweet girl, and i'm soooooo excited that maybe we'll get to be friends someday. yay! molly's home!!

so, while the camera and the bunny barn were in close proximity to each other, i decided to take some pics of the goobers.... here they are:

seamus, a total turd bomb. and i'm being nice! all he wants to do is get laid. unfortunately, that ain't happening for him. if he had a t shirt it would say "hey baby, meet me in the bushes."

then there's the 3 boys, aengus, dingus, and fergus mcgee. they all will be one in about 2 weeks. they're brats, and always chomping to get out and go to turnout. but i love 'em to death.


fergus, he's the white one, and dingus, who's aengus' brother.

Monday, April 14, 2008

lots of sales!!

mercy! time to brag!!!

we've been busy. paul and i both have our own shops on etsy, and we share one together as well,

we've had a rash of sales all of a sudden. we're not sure where it's coming from, but we don't care!

in spazspun, i've sold 7 skeins of yarn, here's one:

in the spinners emporium, this is what's sold since last week:

4 Wraps per inch gauges
3 Double whammy WPI gauges
1 spinning batt
2 Niddy noddies
1 Wrist distaff
1 Diz
4 Kid mohair packs
1 Plying template

obviously, spinning is making a serious comeback!

I thought i'd brag about our great sales here on the blog, so as not to upset those on etsy who are having a tough time of it right now.

oh! I just listed some of Fergus' yarn today:

soft, just like the bunny! aengus, dingus, and fergus are all going to be a year old in a couple of weeks. i wonder if they'll let me put those funny little birthday hats on them!

i know they won't blow out the candles, but i think i'll make them a cake anyway.... i'll eat it! mmmmm....cake........

Friday, April 11, 2008

lookie!! a poll!!

so, i'm trying out new things on this little blog of mine, and i thought i'd try a poll. just to see if anybody answers it.

so, please, for the love of all that's holy, answer it.

i couldn't think of a good question. well, maybe it IS a good question. you should probably be aware of how long it's been since you've consumed the "green tree" as i like to call it.

more later....

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Tom Jones and Pumpkin Muf-cakes

well, what in the world do those two things have in common?

i don't know, either...

for christmas i told my paul i wanted a tom jones CD. and today, i finally got it. totally worth waiting for.

so, i put on the cd, don an apron, and try out a new recipe a friend gave me. Of course, i had to make an adjustment for my own personal taste. it goes like this:

Pumpkin Muf-cakes

1 spice cake mix
1- 15 ounce can of pumpkin. not pumpkin pie filling, just plain ole' pumpkin
1/3 cup Hershey's cinnamon chips
1/3 cup chocolate chips (optional- but i had to have 'em!)

combine the cake mix and the pumpkin until throughly blended. then mix it some more....

fold in the chips.

put in muffin/cupcake papers and bake at 350 degrees for 30 minutes.

easy peasy.....

and when they're done, you've got this:

these are awesome! and i hate pumpkin. i've never found a reason good enough for me to eat the stuff, but these are incredible! of couse, adding the chocolate chips helps, imo, but even without them they're awesome.

i got 20 muf-cakes out of this recipe and for those of you who care about such things, they're only 1 weight watchers point.

i could eat the whole batch, and not use up all my daily points.....

i've listed some new yarn that's looking for a good home, so if'n you're in the mood for something blue, go check this handspun out:

Sunday, April 6, 2008

spaz is too tired to think of a title

so there.

let me start with a rant, if i may. I HATE LAUNDRY! it should be banned. i hate it hate it hate it.

everytime i turn around there's more of it, growing like mushrooms, staring at me, taunting me, daring me to ignore it with it's beady little eyes. dare me, will ye? by god, watch and see if i don't.

damn it! i've got no clean clothes left. so now i must confront the pile. i can hear it chuckling as i sort it, and as i carry it to the washer, the laughter grows louder and more intense....i'm seeing red by the time i throw it in the drum. i'll drown you, you stinking rotting pile of cotton! oh, is the water too cold? oh you poor, poor things....well let me put it on hot, and we'll see if we can't warm you up. oh wait, let me think about that. no. cold, ice freaking cold is all you deserve and all you shall get. i can hear the laughter becoming a gurgle, gurgle... hee, take that you mofo!

after 20 minutes all is silent... time to put it in the dryer. better yet, lets haul it out and hang it on the line. i can hear it pleading with me - "ouch! don't pinch me against the line so tight!" " hey- i don't want to be next to THAT shirt- we don't look good together", and my all time favorite complaint from the laundry- "if you hang us out here, the birds might crap on us!!!" as if i would rewash????? pfft. whatever.

then comes for me the worst part.... the happy chatter of clean clothes as i carry them in and prepare to put them away. "oh- i had a great time, did you see my tan lines??" "she put that clothespin in the wrong place, and now i've got wrinkles...waaa!" "i smell so good, come closer, don't ya wanna smell me?"

so as they chatter away, i force myself to ignore the goodbyes and see you laters, and all the other crap they have to tell each other, knowing that all too soon, i will have to endure it all again.

ah, laundry day. thank god it's only once a week.